Childrens-book-author-self-confidence-Debbie-Reece-BeeBop-Books-The-Christmas-Pumpkin“There is a powerful message for adults as well as children.”

“Administrators, guidance counselors, and teachers will enjoy the message in this story. The message that no matter how bad your day is, there is someone that cares.”

“Debbie’s message comes through clearly in her stories. Family values, unconditional love and support.”

“I love the story!”

“Children will be able to relate to the book in so many ways. They need to know that no matter how bad their day can be, going home to someone who still loves them is so important. It is a great book for parents to read. Everyone has bad days and children need reassurance, just as an adult needs the same unconditional love.”

“I can see it being shared and discussed by guidance counselors with students, parent groups, and even great discussion for sunday schools.”

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Midwest Book Review has this to say “‘The Worst Day Ever!’ – charmingly addresses every day issues that early elementary school children face daily. Self control, impulse behavior, or just having a hard time adjusting to school rules. Sometimes friends are having a bad day and just need a hug too. The story is enhanced for young readers with the inclusion of a coloring page where children can draw how a hug feels to them. Solidly entertaining and with a laudable moral value, ‘The Worst Day Ever!’ is very highly recommended for children preschool through second grade.” and “‘The Christmas Pumpkin’ – imaginatively written by Debbie Reece and charmingly illustrated by Ron Head, “The Christmas Pumpkin” includes a coloring page to design your own Christmas pumpkin. An inspiring story that proves that if you believe in something, you can make it happen, “The Christmas Pumpkin” is very highly recommended for school, family, and community library Christmas storybook collections for young readers.”

Story Monsters Ink The Christmas Pumpkin by Debbie Reece brought a smile to my face. She has lassoed the greatness of wonder and tucked it amid the traditions that timely arrive on calendar conveyors. Routine often blinds the heart of such wonders, snuffs the sparkle eagerly waiting to ignite one with freshness. Imagination is the ability to look beyond the routine, beyond the obvious, into the excitement of, what if? We are too often confined to following the limitations of preset visions left by others for us to color within their lines. Lines too small to capture the jubilance of my imagination, the wonder that I behold when I look at the same. Debbie Reece challenges us to look past the known, the average, and dare to create something new. Life is captured and summed up by everyday wonders that expand our hearts and imaginations, and a green Christmas pumpkin is just such an occasion! This is a perfect stocking stuffer to encourage those who come behind us to see and appreciate the paths set before them, but gives the permission to add to it. To take hold of tradition and make it personal, to add our own flare and make it larger yet. Thank you, Debbie Reece for reminding us that life is full of great things, if we dare to see it!

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Having Debbie at your Santa gathering is refreshing, fun and she’s a great supporter of     all Santas… in addition to having a great book and package kit to go along with it! A must read for all Santa folks!

Your beautiful book is an uplifting and inspirational story for all children, giving the wonderful message of faith and hope during the Christmas season. Thank you

Your book has done very well in our shop. I always recommend it as the perfect add on to any children’s gift purchase. My customers love it!

The children had a great time listening to The Christmas Pumpkin story at the library last night. We had about 70 kids attend the program (preschool through 3rd grade). Mrs. Claus read the book then everyone did crafts and decorated cookies. Santa was there too!

Truly the greatest Christmas story ever told

Debbie’s author visits are entertaining, engaging, and appropriate for a wide range of grade levels from Pre-K through 5th. Her writing tips and creative explanations on using imagery and creative language are well within the age level she is addressing. We give her two thumbs up!

I just wanted to start by saying “thank you.” As a parent it is sometimes hard to keep our kids out of the fast paced electronic world. To have an author come and read to our children was a treasure. Listening to my daughter tell me all about Mrs. Reece and her visit was such a reward for me. To be able to give her the books that Mrs. Reece took the time to sign brought more joy to my daughter that I would have thought. So truly thank you for making her imagination and love of books grow.

We loved your presentation. You were captivating and informative for all ages, teachers and students!

Thank you for the generous donation. Your author visit was a huge hit. The students loved meeting a real author. We especially loved how you shared the writing process with our older students- very authentic.

We love how Debbie talked about the writing process with the 3rd-5th graders. Students were very engaged during both sessions. Very entertaining and informative author visit for all elementary grades.

The Christmas Pumpkin is an awesome book! We are making ours today! Love the story!

Mrs. Claus has been enjoying reading Christmas Pumpkin at storytimes all around Colorado! Great book… the children love it!

Mrs. Reece has a very entertaining and interactive way of sharing her story with children of all ages when she does an author visit. It is also so kind of her to donate a percent of her book sales back to schools that she visits so that we can continue to share the joy of reading with children. – We look forward to a new book and another visit from Mrs. Reece

Mrs. Reece is a very entertaining and informative speaker. She visited three schools within our district, involved the children in the reading of her story, The Christmas Pumpkin, and also discussed the writing process and inspiration for her story. We can’t wait for her next book so that she will return and share with us again.

I would read this book to my class.  Thought the story is cute, the wording is appropriate for the age group, the repetition of the one section allows the children to “read along”, the illustrations had a “classic” look to them, and I love the theme and the message

Debbie did a wonderful job of keeping the littles interested in the tale and was inspiring to all.  She tells about how she came up with the idea and how she followed through the publication on her own.  It is a great presentation for describing the writing process.  I understand from my 2ndgrade granddaughter, who heard her last year at school, that she was ‘the bestest’ and that was with 400+ elementary kids.  So big group or small, preschoolers to grammas, consider Debbie Reece for an author visit.

We picked them up at the Baltimore book fair. We got a copy of the book autographed for my niece and when we all went to the pumpkin patch this weekend I had the kids relax and color the pictures it was great. I love even my youngest loved to color. Thanks again for the chance to have some great family time.

Thanks so much for coming to visit with our students! They love your book and your presentation was fantastic! I was so impressed by the way you involved the students in the story and spoke about different literary elements you used! Watching the process from your first draft to publishing was inspirational to all of us! Two thumbs up and then some!

Thank you for a wonderful book

Thank you for spending time with the students and sharing your wonderful story with all of us.

Thank you for your author visit and entertaining reading of The Christmas Pumpkin. The children really enjoyed your visit.

A lovely holiday story.

Local author, Debbie Reece, visited our library last week and shared her book with the elementary students. She told the children about her inspiration for writing “The Christmas Pumpkin.” Mrs. Reece also donated over $50 to the Friends of the Library from sales of her book. Thanks Debbie – we really enjoyed your visit!!!

Thank you so much for coming to MCA.  The kids loved it, were very interested, and asked a lot of questions. Thank you for being our Mystery Reader and reading your story with such enthusiasm!

This story is a delight to read. Children love it. I love the message Debbie sends throughout the story. Having hope and perseverance is key for children today. Keep the light within and it will shine for everyone else to see.