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The Christmas Pumpkin

"The Christmas Pumpkin"goldMom’s Choice Gold Recipient Introduces the importance of being true to your own unique personality and family values. Imagine a pumpkin that never turns orange and seems neglected for Halloween. When James decides that he wants to use it to celebrate Christmas he faces laughter from the community and his friends. However, with the support of his parents, James lets his light shine and shows everyone what a green pumpkin can do for Christmas. Read more »

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The Worst Day Ever!



USA Best Books Finalist Mom’s Choice Gold Recipient

Inspired by her son and his classmates, addressing topics familiar to 4-9 yrs old about friends, school rules, and consequences. James loves going to school until one day when things just don’t go his way. He has a hard time with some of the school rules, some friends tease him, and he has to miss recess. Thankfully, he learns that there is someone who will hug him and love him no matter how bad his day is. Includes an interactive coloring page to express how a hug feels. Popular with counselors, the story shares a message of unconditional love and family support that are necessary for a child’s self confidence and personal development. The Worst Day Ever also includes an interactive coloring page for children to express how a hug feels to them. Read more »

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Author Debbie Reece

Author Debbie Reece

Debbie’s stories are inspired by actual events that involved her son, Matthew, and his classmates. Preschoolers and early elementary aged children relate to having a bad day, making friends, following rules, and, sometimes, feeling left out or a little different from their peers. Her stories use these subjects to help families, teachers, and counselors start conversations about these topics in a creative way. Encouraging self- confidence, compassion, and understanding of these topics in the world around them.  She decided to take a risk and publish her stories. Read more »